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Realise Learning 7-10 Subscription (2019)


As experienced teachers, we know that students are often not preparing adequately for their NCEA years.  We would like to offer the support needed to help ensure your student is well informed in terms of the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.  This subscription targets preparation for future success!

Realise Learning's mission is to bring back the enjoyment of learning and success in NZ education.  We are based in Amberley, North Canterbury and can arrange tutoring either at our house, a mutually arranged public location or online.  Our names are Christian Alino (BSci, GradDipTeach&Learn, MEd Hons) and Tina Heaps (BPhEd, GrapDipTeach&Learn, MEd Hons).  We have two children of our own (aged 5 and 7).  Between us we have qualifications and/or substantial experience in a range of subject areas including Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Geography, Physical Education and English.